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Is your home in Melbourne or Launceston infested by mosquitos and you and your family members are getting irritated by their bites and their sightings every now and then? You need to hire a qualified mosquito control and removal service provider that is experienced and well reputed. What better name can you look for than KAN Pest Control, if you are located in Melbourne or Launceston? With formidable experience and with a team that comprises the best and most qualified experts, we are the most trustworthy provider of mosquito control and removal services in Melbourne & Launceston.

After quite some years of glorious presence in this industry, and with access to the latest tools and techniques, we are more than confident to address the very root cause behind mosquito infestation of your property in Melbourne or & Launceston.

Our professional mosquito exterminators in Melbourne & Launceston will use the state of the art tools, follow the right techniques, and apply the best and eco-friendly insecticides to eliminate them comprehensively.

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What Is Our Mosquito Removal Service in Melbourne & Launceston All About?

Our mosquito removal service in Melbourne & Launceston is all about taking the most methodical and customised approach to guarantee the best results that will leave you 100% satisfied.

Once you hire us, our highly skilled mosquito control and removal specialists in Melbourne & Launceston will inspect your property to ascertain the extent and root cause of the infestation. Then they will come up with the best treatment method that they will find suitable to help your cause. Depending upon the extent of infestation, they can opt between:

  • Chemical method (it involves the use of larvicides and adulticides)
  • Microbial Method (it involves the use of Microbial larvicide)
  • Physical Method (it involves water flow management & control, environment modifications, or filling up or covering of the larval habitats, and modifying the drainage system.
Therefore you see, our mosquito control and extermination service in Melbourne & Launceston is a pretty methodical and scientific service that will meet your needs to the fullest.
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