Professional Bedbugs Control and Removal Service in Melbourne & Launceston

Beg bug infestation is a very frequent problem in Melbourne and Launceston, like anywhere else in the world. Bites of these tiny bugs not only cause a lot of pain and irritation, but they can cause a lot of disturbance to the state of mind, by disturbing sleep and mental peace. Thus, if your home infested by bedbugs, you must immediately get rid of them, more so if you have kids. These bugs are particularly more harmful to kids and babies. What you need is a reputed company that offers bedbug removal and extermination service. There is no better name to turn to, than Kan Pest Control if you are in Melbourne or Launceston. With years of experience and with some of the best experts, we are the best bedbug infestation treatment and removal service in Melbourne and Launceston.
Bedbug Protection

What do we do to treat bedbugs and remove them?

Our bedbug infestation exterminators in Melbourne would follow various procedures to arrest the infestation of bedbugs and their removal. However, the type of service that we follow would depend upon the type of infestation and its severity. There are mainly two types of service that our Bedbug control and removal service in Melbourne would involve.The chemical treatment procedure that our bedbugs infestation treatment in Melbourne follows involves the use of registered pest control and removal treatment products on the bed base, carpet edges, cracks and crevices on the wardrobes, walls and cupboards.

The non-chemical treatment involves the use of two types of services by our bedbugs infestation exterminator in Melbourne. The first one involves the use of Cryonite, which freezes the bugs to death. And the other non-chemical treatment involves the use of steam for bedbugs control and removal in Melbourne as these bugs are extremely sensitive to heat.

Bedbug Control

What our bedbug treatment in Launceston involves?

Besides using the appropriate treatment procedure, our bedbugs control and removal service in Launceston involves:
  • Thorough cleaning and vacuuming of every bedding and surfaces by our trained bedbugs infestation exterminators in Launceston.
  • Treating bedding and clothing either with the use of steam/ Cryonite
  • Steam cleaning of carpets
  • Application of the approved pesticides on the common hiding spots – excluding the bedding and upholstery
Thus you see, our bedbugs infestation treatment in Launceston is an absolutely thorough and professional one, which yields the best results.
Bedbug Removal

Why are we your best choice?

Kan Pest Control is your best choice when it comes to removal and extermination of bedbugs, simply because,
  • We are a fully insured company and all our pest control experts are bonded and licensed
  • Our experts are not only trained but are certified
  • Safe, professional and family-friendly service
  • Same/next day service
  • Upfront, transparent, all-inclusive quotes
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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